Sir Stanford Loves Him Some PCLN

An inaugural post for the NEW

Sir Stanford fancies himself an intra-day futures trader, as such, normally only plays options around earnings in the ‘beer money’ account.  After much deliberation, debate, hand waving, and scowling; the decision to sell vol was made even with the VIX trading 20.   The last time I bought vol on AAPL earnings those market makers sacrilegiously turned $9.00 into $0.09 overnight on weekly options.

One caveat, some pirates in the risk management department required gangrenous amounts of margin.

You should notice that anywhere between 330 and 430 is fine with the bean counters.  Add with the DEC protection and you get a camel with 2 humps scenario.

I fully expect to sell the PCLN weeklies at open, decisions will be made shortly after to wrangle the DEC options, or forcibly exit into oblivion.

Sir Stanford will also be purchasing a Thesaurus to conjure even more absurd adjectives.


PCLN  Risk Profile for premium sell with Imp. Vol. over 100%.  High Risk on PCLN Gap.

PCLN options sell
PCLN Risk Profile

PCLN Options
PCLN Options

Buy Dec Protection PCLN

PCLN Dec Risk Straddle
PCLN Dec Straddle Risk Profile

PCLN Dec Straddle
PCLN Dec Straddle

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