$HGSI – Human Genome Sciences Inc – Chart & Notes

This is what I think on HGSi Chart going into next week:

Chart on $HGSi is not too bad but has dropped back prior to next Tuesday’s Panel and after the FDA documents were released — I posted a few key levels on HGSi that i would watch for on the charts below

If you see the chart below Key support level to watch will be $22

Upside if FDA approval looking at $26 / $27.57 (2oday moving average) & $30 levels

so not a bad risk/reward level — Also added some links that you may find helpful

I’ve done well on $HGSi in the past — last July 2009  made over $49,000 on it on that big gap it had

Link Here http://twitpic.com/azwg3 &

& $7,800 + on options & stock in August 2009 http://twitpic.com/dj86u

But have not played it as much this past year

Hopefully the notes on the chart help but i’d wait for a move first and play the volatility – if you are more agressive you could try a option strangle or option straddle going into next week but may be a bit pricey

5 minute & Daily Charts on $HGSi

some Links on stories of HGSI today

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Also go here to keep updated on news announced :


& here for Live $HGSI Twitter updates


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