Weekend Charts (Beta)

Interesting to note that with respect to Thanksgiving Day week where the S&P 500 was up month-to-date on close of Friday prior to Thanksgiving the S&P 500 showed a positive weekly performance on 27 out of the last 37 occurrences (or 72.97% of the time); did not post a single lower close below option expiration’s close on 15 out of the last 37 occurrences; and finally posted a weekly loss greater than -1.0% on only 3 occurrences (max. loss -1.56%), but a weekly gain greater than +1.0% on 18 occurrences

NASDAQ Futures have supported at the 34 EMA – resistance at 2200 and 2007 High of 2256.25 – interesting hwo the 89 and 200 EMA’s are lining up at support levels respectively

/ES is unlike the /NQ is below the April highs having tested it once already and failed. Immediate resistance at 1220-1226 – support 1170 -bounce of the 34 EMA would seem to indicate we move higher – interesting note like /NQ 89 and 200 are lined up at support

/YM has broken the April high pulled back to the 34 EMA and is back above Aprils’s high. 89 and 200 EMA are lining up with support at 10750 and 10500. Nearest resitance will be the recent high of 11431-11500.


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