$CRM Short position play – from Dec 9th -Dec 14th

Thought to share this strategy on $CRM short that I took last week – Dec. 9th (Excellent quick short for almost 6%)

Shorted 200 shares from $148.54 & covered this morning @ $139.83 ( $8.71 profit per share) I covered it out this morning for $1,742 profit or just under 6% profit .. Worked out just perfect – I covered a bit too soon but my strategy & percentage worked out just as expected.  I’ve been patient to wait for a setup on this play.

Here are a few charts to show you when I first entered the trade & intraday charts with key levels & targets. Some of the other premium members did option plays on $CRM so congrats if you shorted $CRM with me or did a bearish option play –

Here is the Dec. 9th Chart & what key levels I was watching for : Click on the Chart twice to see it much bigger

Here is the intraday chart today (Dec 14th) .. Waited for it to drop from Fibonnaci levels before covering position : I covered a bit soon as of 12:50pm CRM was down under $137 so missed approx. 2% more on the short but I was happy with the morning profit on it.

Click on the Chart twice to see it much bigger

Hope these charts/notes help – Don’t mind sharing some key charts/positions that I think traders can learn from:

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