/s selling 1/2 IMAX at 26.24 area from 16.80 finally locking in profits on a 4X OVERSIZED stake that we bought at 16.80, 17.04, 24.67, and 26.14 recently . This was a 4X OVERSIZED position . Am for the first time locking in profits on a position that was ment to profit from the holiday movie season and 3d movie trend. Multiday direction is still bullish and my intent will not to sell another 1/4 until multiday direction again terns bearish. Plus wish to hold 1/4 longer term. Now if IMAX at the close passes the day highs then would quickly renter the full stake that am here exiting if she builds above 26.40. This is ment to protect profits especially after the recent weakens in this stock. anyway BIG SMILEs on this swing play from Sept 29th $-)

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