Monthly Trade Recap for @stockguy22 & Happy New Year 2011

Monthly Trade Recap for @stockguy22 & Happy New Year 2011

Wanted to thank everyone for a Great 2010

Just in the past month made just over $25k profit on 29 trades , 18 total positions, sold 11,  still holding 7 , not as good as November but some incredible easy swing trades such as :

$TSLA 3.13%

$CSCO 3.14% 3.418%

$TSE:HNU (TSX natural Gas 2x ETF) 9.51% 10.33%  — $UNG was the matching play but would be about 1/2 profits

$MA 3.09%

$GM 4.71%

$YOKU 7.95% 8.2% 9.16%

$DANG 17.80% 18.13%

$GM 6.07% 3.35%

$AMED 6.95% 6.99% 7.48%

$CRM short 5.86%

$PWER 14.01% 14.12% 13.92%

$TSE:HOU  $ ( 2x Oil Bull ETF ) 9.09% 9.95% 10.11% 12.32%  similar trade that i gave to members $UCO ( similar % )

$ 6.89% 7.99%  ( for similar play is $SCO if traders can’t play Canadian ETF’s)

$GM 1.94%

$ 9.92%

Still have approx 7 new swings that I added in the past month that were down $6k+ total as of yesterday but I will do  a video recap on the stocks I traded lately along with the ones I’m still holding for premium members ( I’ll try to send that out to you next week in video format so that you can see how I review past trades/positions along with any stocks that I may have missed and why ) This is a strategy that has helped me become better over the years at trading so hope you find it helpful too. Its something I’d like to send to Premium Members for recap each month & see how you guys like it. We will also be conducting a survey/poll as to what Premium Members like about our private feed, chatroom , commentary , charts, VTF,  trades etc and what you’d like us to improve on in 2011 to make it easier and more profitable for you.

A few bigger misses (this past month for me) were the continuations on $YOKU $DANG $IMAX $AMED $ which I could have held longer.

A few nice charts that I posted & missed some more nice % on like $MGM $SHZ $GM.

re: (oil bull/bear 2x ETF’s ) (gold bull/bear 2xETFs) ( NatGas ETFs)  These are 2x ETFS that trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange you can get delayed quotes here : Just change the quote to the individual ETF but its a way I’ve played Gold, Oil & Natural Gas in the past as swing trades – Has worked well for me using a simple strategy that I’ve posted many times in the past & that I share in our chatroom. Horizon Beta have about 38 ETF’s but I stick to the main 6 on Gold/Oil/NatGas & find I do well playing them after major moves: More Info about them here:

Horizons BetaPro Exchange Traded Funds (“HBP ETFs”) are managed by BetaPro Management Inc., Canada’s sole provider of investment tools allowing investors to profit when the market is rising or falling, or to reduce their risk by hedging their existing market exposure. Horizons BetaPro ETFs offer three types of structures: Bull+/Bear+ leveraged ETFs, single ETFs, and single inverse ETFs. The HBP Bull+ ETFs and HBP Bear+ ETFs are designed to provide daily investment results, before fees and expenses, that correspond to double the daily performance, or double the inverse daily performance, respectively, of their specified underlying index or benchmark. The HBP Inverse ETFs are designed to provide daily investment results, before fees and expenses, that correspond to the one times the inverse of their specified underlying index or benchmark. The HBP Single ETFs are designed to provide investment results, before fees, expenses, distributions, brokerage commissions and other transaction costs, that endeavour to correspond to the performance of their specified underlying index. BetaPro is a subsidiary of Jovian Capital Corporation (JOV:TSX) and manages, as of December 31, 2009, approximately $2.5 billion amongst 38 ETFs.

We’ve Just passed some Holidays & had some amazing trades this past year  in 2010 . Hope to continue that winning streak in 2011.




and wanted to wish Everyone a Happy New Year and a Prosperous s 2011

Wanted to also thank our team of traders that made 2010  fantastic with their technical help &/or great stock  commentary in the chatroom  and who have similar thinking as I do 1) to do well at trading 2) help other traders along the way ——— and those people were @kosovar @jstanford649 @alexpmorris @christianhgross @mmassassin @dg1001 @jgwilson929 @traderjim64 @dizz1e @blackhawkgroup @stockdarts @ari5000 @captkirk

Thanks also to our over 6,100 Twitter Followers and Premium Members for the great comments & support.

If you are not a Premium Member but you want to see how I analyzed any of the trades above — leave a comment below of the stocks that interested you and I’ll pick the top 2 or 3 stocks that people ask for & I’ll post the charts/analysis that were sent out to members and where I bought & sold the individual positions.  I don’t mind giving back something like that in the new year since I still want people to learn some of the trading techniques I use – So leave a comment below & I’ll review them in the new year and try to do a blog with a few of the charts from above.

Looking Forward to a Great 2011 – Enjoy your New Years Eve tonight & Don’t Drink an Drive Please !!!!!


If you’d like to join our chatroom or get our private feed with live charts / live entries/exits such as the ones above send an email to and ask for a 2 week Free trial to start in 2011 , and you can see if you enjoy our premium services. One or 2 trades per month more than pays for the membership many times over and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.  We’ve had at least 5 traders since we started the premium group more than pay for 3-5x the yearly membership with just a few of the trades above in the past month.  I was very pleased to hear those comments from them and that tells me that we’re doing a great job. Again thanks & see you in 2011.

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