BEARISH NFLX NFLX 165 Jan puts at 2.05-.10

/b adding NFLX 165 Jan puts at 2.05-.10 area OVERSIZED Our bearish bets on NFLX by shorting the 180 weekly calls and going long the 165 Jan puts yesterday paying off nicely. Now am further accumulating to make the long on jan 165 puts to make it 2X OVERSIZED. As I have said in the past NFLX has reached levels that I find to have nothing to do with any reality and technically would expect her in time to possible move down as far as back bellow 100, now yes this will not happen overnight and we must consider that she has been the definition of a wall street darling for so very long. But any time that I see the opportunity, will look to position bearishly from now on especially when now the larger chart may of finally be toping off. Again may be toping off because with NFLX nothing is for certain.

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