News for January 8th/9th 2011



Just some weekend reading that might be of interest (OK, there's loads – I'm going to continue to blame the New Year for the wealth of news…)

IMF's Lipsky Calls U.S. Government Finances a 'Major' Challenge to Policy

Duke Energy, Progress Energy Near Merger (DUK/PGN)

Verizon Could Bring Apple Millions of iPhone Users (AAPL/T/VZ)

Will iPhone Be Better on Verizon?

Why the Fuss Over Facebook Doesn't Make It a Home Run

Investors Get in a Lather Over Tech

Interesting piece on the GM CEO, Daniel Akerson

Greenspan Warns of Risks From U.S. Debt

Media-Tech Meet-Ups in Vegas

Rare-Earth Ripple Effect Hits Gasoline Producers

Yellen Staunchly Defends Fed's Bond Program

BP to Cut Alaskan Oil Production by 95% (BP)

Union Pacific: Coming 'Round the Bend (UNP)

Big Hopes for Big Stocks (CSCO/JPM/MSFT/PEP/WMT)

Lehman Shows Trans-Atlantic Divide on Derivatives

Mass Supreme Court Rules Against Wells Fargo, Deutsche Case on Validity of Mortgage Transfers in Securitizations (interesting read on the Ibanez case)

The Ibanez case and housing-market catastrophe risk

Portugal under pressure to seek EU/IMF aid: source

Government to audition bankers for AIG offering: report (AIG)

Economists foretell of U.S. decline, China's ascension

Five world markets themes next week

Apollo, others considering Sara Lee buyout: source (SLE)

The J.P. Morgan View “Stay Underweight European Banks”

Windows on ARM is a big deal, but but it's not enough to win at tablets

BP likely to face criminal charges (BP)

Microsoft strengthens the outlook for ARM (ARMH)

US considers three-tier prop trading fight

Steve Jobs could appear onstage at January 11th Verizon event

Google Android passes Apple's iPhone in total US subscribers – comScore

Analysts grow skeptical of iPad competitors due to iTunes

WSJ saying Verizon iPhone 4 due out near end of January

Verizon iPhone: Everything you need to know

Intel lobbied Microsoft for a more tablet-friendly OS than Windows 7

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