News for January 11th 2010


JP Morgan Dividend Boost is Coming, Jamie Dimon Says (JPM)

Portuguese Bond Sale May Make Bailout ‘Inevitable’

Japan Joins China in Assisting Europe in Debt Crisis

Asia Exports Cooling Damps Outlook for Commodity Shippers: Freight Markets (Shipping Companies)

China Currency Reserves Rise to Record $2.85 Trillion

Intel to Pay Nvidia $1.5 Billion Over Five Years to End Licensing Dispute (INTC/NVDA)

Google's Android Likely to Lose Out as Verizon Wireless Introduces iPhone (AAPL/GOOG/VZ)

Human Genome CEO Watkins Seeks Acquisitions in Cancer, Immunology Drugs (HGSI)

Ten Tablets to Keep an Eye On in 2011

Downturn's Ugly Trademark: Steep, Lasting Drop in Wages

Goldman Opens Up to Mollify Its Critics (GS)

AMD Chief Meyer Is Forced Out (AMD)

RBS, Lloyds Start Touting U.K.'s Shares (LYG/RBS)

AT&T Preps iPhone Plan (T)

The Fed’s QE2 Traders, Buying Bonds by the Billions

Analyst Says It May Be Deal Time for JPMorgan (JPM)

China overshoots loan target and more tightening to come

Big Tech should keep profit growth but economy a risk

Analysis: AT&T faces tough year after losing iPhone exclusive (T)

Could the U.S. central bank go broke?

Fed's bond-buying program could soon backfire: Plosser

US Banks: Mortgage Foreclosure Court Ruling Hurts Bank Stocks (Citigroup report)

CES Day 2 Highlights: RIMM Playbook Solid, but Entering a Very Competitive Market (Citigroup report)

4G at CES 2011: AT&T, T-Mobile & Verizon make big moves

Verizon may spend more than $5 billion subsidizing iPhone sales in 2011

Best Buy rumoured to add Apple Genius Bars

Lennar reported Q4 EPS of $0.17, $0.15 cents better. Revenue $860.1 million versus the consensus estimate of $759.6 million (LEN) (via Street Insider)

Tiffany & Co. Holiday comps up 8%; raises FY11 adj-EPS guidance from $2.72-$2.77 to $2.83-$2.88 (TIF)

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