shorting AAPL 315 Jan puts at 2.03-1.89 2X OVERSIZED

/s shorting AAPL 315 Jan puts at 2.03-1.89 2X OVERSIZED AAPL has Es tonight and these puts gained from 35 cents to as high as 3s so with earnings coming do not expect this to go in the money so am making twice my usual largest options money allocation into a short on this week expire puts after the news of steve hobs medical leave. We still hold the 340 calls Jans from 2s will hold those and the hedge on the 365 jan puts today lost premium. In the end this is a sad thing to hear of bad health of possibly the most instrumental character in the evolution of personal computing as we know it today. They are not releasing any details as they did not the last time he took leave of absence adding to uncertainty but with that said it was I believe smart for them to release the news during the long weekend just before tonights Es for after a negative news like this a good earnings report can focus wallstreet on the companies immediate and short term very positive direction and hold of what could of lead to a much larger short term downtrend. That is if these Es are good and they should be.

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