Buyouts & Rumors – Funny Stock Ticker Mergers


Well the past few days there has been a lot of talk of mergers, buyouts & aquisitions

1) LSE ( London Stock Exchange ) buyout of the TSX ( Toronto Stock Exchange)

2) Deutsche Boerse and New York-based NYSE Euronext

3) Twitter in potential talks to get bought out 

4) Big Lots ( $BIG) 

5) Encana Corp. of Calgary, Canada’s largest natural-gas producer, agreed to sell a 50 percent stake in the company’s Cutbank Ridge business to a unit of Beijing-based PetroChina Co. for C$5.4 billion ($5.44 billion)

6) Groupon buyout offer rejected

7) other potential buyout rumors were on $LGL $WBS $PPD $CBOE $REE $EXEL $PLCE $NTAP $URI $XRTX $NILE $WLT etc. etc. 


Since Markets been a bit boring the past few days thought would be funny to see some of these tickers merged

What can you come up with? :

$EAT & $PORK  (for the Homer Simpson of traders)

$SAY $ $PORK ( for our Jewish & Muslim Trader Friends)

$EAT & $CAKE ( for a Trader's Birthday)

$LUV & $CHIC , $LUV & $LIZ ( if your girlfriend or wife is named Liz ) would also work with $MAN , $BEN . $RICK , $SAM $ROB $JOE $ALEX  (for the male boyfriend/husband  traders )

$GROW & $POT  ( for the hippie trader who forgets to turn on his computer and has munchies all day he also says $EAT & $CAKE or  $MMM $CAKE ) 

$LAVA & $ROCK (for the Hawaiian traders )

$LAVA & $LAMP (nice gift for the trader that has everything)

$GAS & $PWER or $PWR ( for the Oil Executive Trader ) 

$SOLR & PWER or $PWR ( for the Eco -Friendly Trader) 

$FAN & $PWER or $PWR ( for the @wind4me traders on twitter – he loves his $APWR )

$ARM & $LEG ( how much a trader spends in trading commissions in a year) 

$HAWK & $EGLE ( for the animal lover trader) others animal related ticker names $CAT $HOG $WOOF $MOO 

$BABY $BOOM (for the traders 40-65 years of age) 

$HOTT $LIZ ( for the sexy trader named LIZ- Also works well with the names for men above too )

$AB & $PWR or $PWER ( for the Jersey Shore Trader in all of us)  $TAN $FAN also works for the Snookie Jersey Shore Trader 

$HOG & $TIE ( for the trader with a bit of a farming background) 

$LUV & $CAT ( for the Trader who loves the Felines ) – Please don't think of the X-rated version of that merger/aquisition

$LUV & $BUD ( could be for the hippie trader, the beer drinking trader & guess could be for all the gay traders out there – but don't ask & don't  tell )

$LUV & $ALE ( for the Beer Drinking UK Trader ) 

$LUV $MAN ( works with the new gay married Traders)

$LUV & $CHK ( for the lesbian Traders out there — $LUV $LIZ also works ) 

$LUV $BEN ( for those taders who can't get enough of Ben Bernanke) 

$F & $BEN ( what you say about Bernanke if you don't like Qe1 Qe2 Qe3 Qe4 etc. F-BEN) 

$BEN & $AOK ( BEN AOK – if you've made money in the recent market run & you think Bernanke is OK with you ) 

$BOOM $PWR or $PWER ( for the trader who loves fireworks )

$PWER or $PWR $PLAY ( for the hockey fan Trader) 

$EAT $ARM or $LEG ( bit gross merger here but guess if Jeffrey Dahmer or Hanibal Lecter were traders) 

$MOO $LUV ( guess could be for the Traders that love Bessie or Cow Milk but get you're dirty mind out of anything else–this is a clean blog) 

$SRRY $MAN ( what you say to the trader that lost his entire trading account in the last market crash) 

need 3 for this one $KO $K & $LUV ( KO K LUV  for the Charlie Sheen Trader who can't get enough Coke) 

$MMM $CASH ( a trader who will be next to marry Hugh Hefner , or could be what Maddolf was saying each time he found a new ponzi victim) 

$HOTT $HOT ( for the gbobal warming traders )

$NJ & $NY ( doubt this merger could ever happen ) 

$PWER or $PWR $CEO ( for that successful CEO Trader ) 

$ICE & $T ( for that rapper /TV star Trader ) 

$AYE & $SEE ( for the pirate trader ) 

$MLM $CASH ( for the Multi-Level Marketing Successful trader) 

$A & $FRO ( for the 70's trader with a great hairdo ) 

$GET $SMRT ( for the vintage trader of the late 1960's or what you should do if you are a losing trader) 

$DRYS & $AYE ( for the the trader who never cries ) 

$PALM is gone now but a better merger would have been with $TREE ( PALM TREE for the Retired Florida/California Traders) 

$USA $LUV ( for that patriotic Trader) 

$MMM $BLUD ( for those Vampire or Twilight Traders)

$STD $AOK ( for the adult movie star Trader who thinks its fine(ok) to catch a  few STD's) 

$BiG $WYNN ( for the gambling Trader or lottery Trader AKA penny stock guys) 


See how many you can come up with – & i'll retweet them on twitter 

send to me @stockguy22 on twitter and i'll re-tweet or if you have many put them in the comments section & I'll share the link

Try to keep them clean .. 

Hope you found this funny on this boring market today :




some new additions to Funny Stock Ticker Mergers : 

1) from Ari5000  -Starwood Hotels, Spectra Energy and USX Steel group to merge ( new ticker could be HOT SE X )

2) from VogueTrader – has to be said with a Jamaican accent to work ( MAN LUV SEXI CHIX NAT -diamond Intl expl inc.) or JAH MON 

3) from StockDarts – again Jamaican accent works well for this one too – AA MON  

4) from VogueTrader –  $PAY $MEE ( for those traders that also own real estate ) 

5) from StockDarts – $ROCK N ROLL ( for the Elvis Presley Trader) 






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