Which countries could follow Tunisia / Egypt Revolutions? or Who will be the next Tunisia /Egypt?


Which countries could follow Tunisia / Egypt Revolutions? 

or Who will be the next Tunisia / Egypt ?

Its amazing how quick the Revolutions were this past month in both Tunisia & Egypt- 

I remember as a young kid just going to a party you'd have to call friends & plan it out to see if they were also going to that weekend party. Today just with a quick email / SMS/ DM on either Facebook or twitter and kids can send those quick question to all their friends in the blink an eye from their iphone, email , blackberry or Android phones.

This technology has had an unlikely effect that its allowed people to gather quickly as we saw with the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. I'm sure we will see more of this in the coming years but which country will be the next Egypt?  That question has been the topic of hot debate the past few weeks. I'm sure regimes are on high alert to answer this question along with the US and the rest of the world since it will re-shape those countries affected in a much quicker way than we've seen in our lifetime. Thanks in part to Wikileaks, Facebook , Twitter and Google. A scary part to all these revolutions will be if terrorists begin using the Social Networks as a way to begin new revolutions in countries where they can have a strong impact on. That's something that I was thinking about over the weekend.

As we saw in the past month Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt were quick and inspired by :

WikiLeaks , Facebook / Twitter & GOOGLE ( $GOOG) 

Some recent articles & interviews

Assange: WikiLeaks helped spark Tunisia, Egypt revolutions

60 Minutes CBS interview showing how FaceBook helped speed up that organization of the demonstrations in Egypt  Wael Ghonim New Age Revolution


Not surprisingly,  we may find the next Middle East Revolution by reading the Facebook /Twitter – another good source could be what we post each day on our

Breaking News blog  here:  The CMA Sovereign Risk Monitor (CDS Values):  Example below 





Could the next Revolution like Tunisia /Egypt be in Iraq, Morocco or possibly another part of the world – Venezuela? 

Interesting articles : 

Iraqis urged to follow Tunisia , Egypt Style 

Morocco will not be spared from unrest, royal family member says

Is Yemen Next ?


After Egypt, Will Algeria Be Next?


or will we see it in another part of the world? Will Venezuela Be the Next Egypt?



Other countries that could be the next Egypt or Tunisia could be : Sri Lanka, Burma, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Syria, Algeria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan with demonstrations, protests, marches, and riots in the street forcing governments to fold we may not be considering the full-extent of this growing global challenge which exists. Economic conditions, inflation, unemployment, and high food prices are seriously taking their toll so we could start seeing more protests in any country that has any or all of those unemployment, corruption and other problems mentioned above.

One ETF I was watching last week that moved very wildly during the Egypt revolution / riots was $EGPT . I was actually surprised how much it came back today. Its like nothing happened in Egypt since it almost hit $20 this morning which was close to the level it was before all the riots in Thahir square began: 

Here is a chart below of $EGPT with the movement it made after the Egypt demonstrations: so as you can see there was a tremondous move on this ETF 13%+ and 24% + from the lows when the riots began in Egypt and from when Mubarak said he would not resign till Sept.

EGPT chart – double click to see it bigger with my notes or right click to open it in another window or Tab



EGPT seems to have been a good trading ETF during the Egyptian crisis , I'll try to keep informed as to what country/countries could be next and as traders what stocks/ETF's we should keep a watch on 

Hope this was helpful , feel free to post articles and or comments you feel will be helpful 







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