Apple updated chart for February 25, 2011

$AAPL updated chart & notes for February 25, 2011



If we close the gap to $349-$350 area today I'll lock up some profits on my swing but keep my core position
If bad news does come on SteveJobs at some point we gap right down if it will look like he never returns – that leave at least left the likelihood that he will return to AAPL
Also keep in mind that next week IPAd 2 announcement March 2nd so we could move higher into next week but if u're up nothing bad with taking some profit along the way 
resistance I'm watching on $AAPL will be towards 
mid $349.50 area
to $349.70 ( 20day sma) simple moving average 
Nice 45 degree angle uptrend on Apple chart from 2pmEST yesterday 
If you are a more aggressive trader you should follow @mmassassin blog here
He trades $AAPL weekly options ( calls/puts ) & does trading on monthly Apple options – check some of his previous posts very 
knowledgeable on how to play them aggressively but they move quick. May have a webinar with mmassassin next week where
he will review some of his option plays on NFLX ( Netflix) GLD ( Gold ) AAPL ( Apple ) weekly options. He will examine both the high
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