Learning Chart of the Week $PCX & the sale on it today


Learning Chart of the Week $PCX & the sale on it today


Scaled out of $PCX today into this runup today 
sold at $25.73 , $25.74 $25.80 $26.03 , $26.06 , $26.16 and $26.24
Total profit on  $PCX was
( 2.43% 2.47% 3.62% 3.20% 4.32% 4.72% 10.63% and 12.47% ) 
Total avg 5.82%   — So how did I make this & analyze the chart from start to finish? 
Here's how i started this trade  :::::::::::: 


All trades & charts that you see here are posted in real time in our chatroom

For all charts double click them to make them bigger or righ click them and open them in a new tab or window

Initially bought PCX on Feb 4th but left room to add more in case it dropped further down .. Look at the notes from the chart below


Then added more to my position once we had based on PCX on Feb 24th 



Finally sold today on PCX for a 2.24% to 12.47% return ( avg worked out to 5.82% ) notes attached 


Been a good week of profits so far for me as I also sold a few other swings on $BUD $IMAX $YHOO $AAPL & now $PCX

Total for the week so far :: $9,545 so pretty good start from March 1st 


if you have questions feel free to pop into the Saturday session tomorrow March 5th  link to register will be posted on twitter later today :

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Hope you found this analysis helpful :



Enjoy your weekend 




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