Charts on #oil CLJ1 , ESH1 TFH1 & #GOLD ( What do they tell us today?)


Thought to share some notes on the Oil futures chart ( $CL_F or aka $CLJ1 ) $ESH1 ( emini futures ) $TFH1 ( russell futures) & Daily Gold charts

Hope you find them helpful and see if you can make some money off them..


Currently i'm short #oil futures – via a ETF ( horizon beta 2x bear ETF) — similar is $SCO etf 

thinking to short Gold from up here –

If we pop on /ES futures to the previous resistance i would look to close out some of the current swing trades I'm holding

That's why I like to look at the futures & markets as a way to decide where to buy positions , sell positions or short /cover positions.


double click on the charts to see them bigger or right click to open them in a new window or tab

The charts you see below are different from what i usually post but I use them daily too and they are courtesy of tymorapro. You can find more info @

I'll be getting Alex from tymoraPro to do some scanning webinars in the near future that I think you will find very helpful using the software. 




Oil Futures
yesterday #oil CLJ1 
 hit resistance near $107 then bounced but only to $106
Today weaker
GOLD Daily chart
could be looking like good short since having resistance the past 6 sessions – with a cover of any pop over 1440/1445 areas

Emini Futures

Similar candles on March 1st and yesterday March 7th — then March 2nd and March 8th bounced towards fibonnaci retracement points
/ES if we do push higher look for resistance higher to 1330's then over 1340


If you don't understand these charts feel free to ask at a Saturday Chart /Chat session and i'll review them again for you. Its a bit intimidating the first time you are learning charts and futures and its a totally different language till you get use to it. Take your time , learn a bit at a time and then you can learn to profit from Oil, Gold, Futures and Stock Market moves.


 If you missed the March 5th , 2011 Saturday  Chart/Chat Webinar – its almost 3 hours long -Lot of trading info/charts.. You can download it here Enjoy!!    





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