After a Long Hiatus, and Where My Future Lies…

Time has flown by, and quite frankly I have broadened my horizon. Thanks stockguy22. Last year when the fund I worked for blew up I did not know what to do. It was depressing since the plans where big and things were looking good. But after the blow up it was definitely over… Since then I have tried multiple things; joined the stockguy22 forum which I can only recommend, and managing other people’s money.

What changed my perspective was a Swiss report on the future of money management made me think twice.. The reality is that we are on the verge of a fundamental change in our society. I have talked at lengths about this with a good friend of mine Dan Appleman. He and I about a year ago said that we are on the cusp of a change from a horse and buggy society to a automotive society. We laughed on how we used records (LP’s) to play music. Today it is all about digital music. The Internet has changed how we behave in society. It is a gargantuan shift, and the report re-enforced that viewpoint. Specifically the report showed that those 40 years and younger manage their own money based on information from their circle of friends and the Internet. Those 40 years and over still do things the “horse and buggy” way namely advisors and a hands off attitude.

I have thought long and hard about this and realized that what worked say 10, 5 or even 2 years ago will not work now nor in the future. My thinking led me to the realization that the future belongs to a social web (duh, right). Well, what is a social web? The quick and easy answer is that it’s Twitter and Facebook. But that only scratches the surface since it only addresses the human to human communications aspect. It does not address the trading aspect. Namely the trades, the strategy, and the thinking.

Sure anybody can shout out a trade, or post a graph. In fact tons and tons of people are doing this already. What is completely missing from this conversation is the strategy details, the follow up, the tracking. Conversations work on Facebook because they are threaded they show a timeline with a context. A tweet or a graph shows a snapshot and quite frankly this is useless in the overall scheme of things when you are talking about trading. I am even thinking that the lack of threads in Twitter is a big liability.

At the stockguy22 forum I met new people and started to enjoy trading and conversation again. In particular I met an individual called Jeff. Jeff is a very smart person who I can relate to in market trading style. As our conversations got longer and deeper I kept hitting the wall of tracking ideas, and strategies. I figured out that what was missing is the next generation of social trading software. The irony is that to improve my own trading I needed the same software. It was then I understood what the report was talking about. And it was then that I understood where software needed to go. Yes I am writing this software, but I have no real desire to sell it as a piece of software or even SAAS. I just want this software to sole my problem, and that involves tracking trades and conversing with Jeff. Do you the reader get access to this software? Maybe, just email me and maybe we will talk.

Getting back to the future I have concluded to make best use of the social web for trading I need to do the following things:

  1. Focus more on talking in the group to make trades, and investments. In the past I exclusively used the blog, now I will use the group.
  2. Get my software done so that our group can track, and trade strategies.
  3. Focus on getting more conversations into Facebook, twitter, and this blog.

Thus as a starting point, if you want to follow and converse with Frank,  Jeff, Sandra or I head over to the facebook page InvestorsThatTrade. My tweet ID is christianhgross, and on the Investors That Trade page you can see my facebook page.

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