Why have a Trading Mentor?

Why have a Trading Mentor? 



When we first started the STOCKGUY22.com website & chatroom we had 3 goals of

1 ) Live Trading 2) Education & 3 ) Mentoring

From member reviews we've done a great job at 1) & 2) so now we are starting our 3) Mentoring  

Here's how it will work…….. 


Commit to joining  Stockguy22 for 6 months to 1 year and get up to 4 hours of Free Mentoring with Stockguy22 and team


If you've always wanted to learn in a 1 on 1 environment from experienced traders then this is your opportunity.

It will be a limited offer and has not been offered before : 




SOME of the Mentors that you can choose from 

@optionsizzle – options expert

@mmassassin – weekly options expert

@stockdarts – chart & market analysis 

@jstanford649 – futures setups & ninja trader

@jgwilson929 – options hedging and earnings plays

@alexpmorris – chart expert, created tymoraPRO platform

If other Mentors are added you will be notified. You can also split up the 2 hours between different mentors in 1 hour blocks. Example: take 2 hours with @stockguy22, 1 hour with @optionsizzle & 1 hour with @jgwilson929


If you have any special requests or would like to make other payment arrangements such as: check or money order or if you recently joined stockguy22.com or are on a month to month member then you have the opportunity to upgrade to this Mentoring package just email us at admin@stockguy22.com or send us your phone # and we will contact you over the phone or skype.

If you are a current 6 or 12 month member then send frank a direct email at frank@stockguy22.com to put you on a list for mentoring for existing members ( a may take on a few of these people for free so send your email early since will be first come first serve )

First come , First Serve for mentoring hours. Preference of available times will be given in order that you signed up.

I look forward to having a positive impact on your trading. You can sign up directly HERE






get Trading Mentoring from a succesful trader. We think this limited offer will be the Best Trade Mentoring on the internet since its not from teachers but actual traders so if you've ever wanted to get guidance from experienced traders or have a trading mentor or stock trading mentoring, this is your opportunity.

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