Stocks that will be Affected by the Japan earthquake, Tsunami & Nuclear Crisis

Stocks that will be affected by the earthquake, tsunami & Nuclear crisis 


Had a nightmare about this video last night – Scary thing how the town got wiped out before the video is even over: when you see a house get carried away at the end is just insane. Poor People ( Death toll could reach 10,000+ in Japan) . You can see that people, cars, houses don't have a chance against mother nature. Just very sad situation. 

click here to see how: Tsunami wipes out Town in Japan – Closest , Scariest video i've seen 


Was reviewing some stocks that will be or have been affected today due to the disaster that is occuring in Japan as we speak:

Its been a really tragic situation and I'm sure like the $BP oil spill in the Gulf last year there will be alot of emotion & talk about clean energy (although this was a natural disaster). 


I own both wind and solar stocks longer term but since the world is hooked on cheap oil we've had a tough time gettinng some strong momentum on alternative energy. The good thing is that at least we are seeing more and more of alternative energy in the past 5-10 years. The main problem will continue to be the cost effectiveness of alternative energy vs. cheap oil. At least we are seeing companies like $TSLA ( electric cars ) having an impact to get $GM to put the Volt into production. So possibly if these type of cars take off we could see the public demanding alternative energy for cars.  This morning $F & $GM were actually up earlier but then dropped back , due to the fact that Japanese car companies like Toyota , Nissan & Honda were hit hard in trading by 5-7%+ – TM, HMC NSANY 

You would have thought that with the Middle East crisis , BP Gulf Oil spill , Nuclear Crisis in Japan that all happened in a very short year and the increase in oil prices that we would have more debates of how to make it more cost effective to move forward on cleaner energy.   The main problem is that people still find it easy to put gas in their car and go from point A to point B.

I hear people always saying that " We should have cleaner energy " and " I hate BP for what they did to the gulf" but ask those same people to stop going to the pumps or stop driving their car for just one week and they'll look at you strangely.  $BP stock is almost back to where it way prior to the gulf oil spill so as the noise and complaining has died down that stock has continued to recover and get back to $44.88 as i type this and was over $49 last week.  BP never went bankrupt and has now survived. You don't hear as much complaining about it since the oil leak was capped, although the gulf and people in that region will pay the price for many years to come.

Clean Energy Stocks affected today:

Wind Energy: APWR up 4.46%  

Solars: FSLR 3.97% SOL 5.28% STP 4.10% SOL 5.39% YGE 5.52% ESLR about even ( down earnings related CSiQ 3.89% )

Today Natural Gas ETF's like UNG up 3.07% , were up 6.08% 

Builders of the Nuclear Plants were down like GE 2.59% , SHAW 17.91% TOSBF 16.01% HIT 15.48%

Coal stocks up like PCX , ICO JRCC ( were all up earlier but dropped back now)

other Uranium and nuclear related stocks were down a lot: down as much as 15%-23% were CCJ DNN UEC URRE URG URZ URA UEC

Also, Construction & Steel stocks will be stronger with the rebuilding that will have to take place in Japan like CAT , Komatsu ( japan based machinery co.) , Steel PKX, lumber WY , not sure if US Steel X or AKS would benefit 

Japanese ETFs:   Proshares UltraShort EWV was up 14.5%+  & Proshares Ultra MSCI Japan long EZJ was down 14%+


Feel free to add other movers in the comments section_ I will update or add to this list:




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Entergy is down4.5%, Edison International and PG&E are off more than 2%, Exelon is down 1.6% and Xcel Energy is off more than 1%. In Germany, e.on is off more than 6%.

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