Top 100 Percentage % Stock Movers today ( Gainers & Losers )

Top 100 Percentage % Stock Movers ( Gainers /Losers today) 


You can see the top % losers today  on the lists below – Did a quick scan of the top 100 movers on US stocks today & this is what I came up with : 

Majority of Losers are a lot of OTC uranium stocks – didn't realize there are that many over the counter /penny Uranium stocks out there.. Have not seen a list like this in quite a while when the top 100 stocks that are down on the day are down 10%-71% vs. the Top % gainers which there was only 31 stocks up 10%+  today – 

some big % losers today were: lot of OTC uranium stocks $FSSIF $URG $URRE $CXZ $DNN $GVP $URZ $HIT $EMMS ( $EZJ Japan Proshares Ultra ETF)

some big % gainers today were $DJSP $SYMX $CIGX ($EWV ultrashort Japan) $CBLi $PWER $DUSA $GPOR $LNG $WFR $DiET $JKS

Complete list below up to the Top 10 Stock Movers Today – List is up to 50+ for both the biggest stock movers (stocks up & down )



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