@nittany09 Asks Is Apple Slowing Web Apps (Answer: Yes)

I could see Apple slowing down home screen webapps because it is threatening their revenue stream as I outlined on the bottom of page 11 of my report on mobile operating systems. I wrote the following:

If developers continue to develop HTML 5 applications the worst hit by revenue market share decreases will be Apple. What needs to be carefully considered is that Steve Ballmer at Microsoft has hinted in a very forceful, but quiet manner that the future of application development is HTML 5.
If you are building for WP7 use Silverlight. But as Muglia says

"HTML is the only true cross platform solution for everything, including (Apple's) iOS platform…".

Microsoft is saying that if you want to explicitly build for a single device go ahead and use Silverlight. But if you want to develop cross-platform choose HTML 5. Internally from discussions with technical decision makers the consensus is that HTML 5 is the route to go. What is interesting about this is that it is a direct attack by Microsoft on the revenue stream of Apple.

About 14 years ago a Microsoftie internal employee told me how they attack competitors. What they do is find out their core revenue stream and attack it. Then as that core revenue stream dries up they will
be unable to innovate and will collapse due to becoming uncompetitive. The question mark is can a company attack a core revenue stream? For Microsoft a core revenue stream is and has been Windows, and Office. And as you can see we are still using those products. In the case of Apple they sell products, but a core revenue stream are the sales associated with their apps, music, films and so on. Thus with HTML 5 they can attack all service fronts and deprive Apple of its income. Google who is facing the same problem can only but help attack Apple. The irony here is that Apple has decided early on that they will be one of the biggest supporters of HTML 5. Thus if Apple steps back and tries to stem off the attacks
they will not only loose revenue streams, but lose credibility among Apple supporters.

This plan of attack is still open for discussion, but I do see it happening. Once the attack is full force the key metric to watch is Apple’s support of HTML 5.

Ah Apple you are falling yet again into your old habits! This is why you nearly bankrupted yourself before! You were too anal about certain practices and were too inflexible.

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