Made a Charity Donation on behalf of @Stockguy22


Made a Charity Donation on behalf of @Stockguy22
Since we hit 10,000 followers on twitter yesterday
and on behalf of those that downloaded the recent Japan Stocks webinar
Made a donation of $250.00 on behalf of
So this donation is coming from all the free members, paid members of the stockguy22 community. 
Hope you guys feel good about that.
Was going to do a contest & give money & membership
but think its better to give it to a good cause since I've
been so fortunate in business and stocks.
Will also give to other charities personally.
We were going to charge $1 or $2 to download the Japan Stocks Webinar but thought 
would be more work to just administer it. So leave it up to you guys if you want to donate on your own. Maybe in a future webinar we can try the charge approach & see how much we can raise as a group. Even if you can't donate money consider to give up some of your free time as a volunteer for a local charity such as food bank, homeless shelters, women's shelters etc. You'll feel great and you will have a great impact on someone that is struggling at a point in their life. You never know when you may need that same help.
I hope this motivates others to do some charity donations or volunteering. We are lucky that we live in great countries and I know how fortunate I am to get up each morning and do what I love to do. We only have to worry about stocks going up and down while people in Japan right now are just looking for medical help, food & shelter (our most basic necessities that we already have plenty of). I know that we all have had our own share of suffering in our own unique way but its always good to give back a bit since it does come back to you many times over and any amount can have a big affect on someone that really needs it. I prefer to give to charities with low Admin. costs so that I know most of donations are going to the source.
I usually only give to local charities since its easier to see the money going to work but I have a doctor friend that donates his time to Doctors without Borders and thought its a great cause and I know its money well donated.
Other good charities are: 
1) Americares 2) American Red Cross 3) I love this one -Doctors w/out Borders 4) Relief International
You can check this site if you ever need to know expenses etc for charities
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