Last Week’s Action On Premium Selling

This entry is part of the Premium Selling Strategy that is logged on the linked page.

Sorry folks for not updating you on my premium selling. It was hectic week and I had to react quickly. Note if there are people following my premium selling and want to be updated in real time contact me via skype christianhgross. Let’s though go through what happened. First lets look at the chart of ES.


If you look at the chart on the Monday which I commented on there was a great opportunity to sell premium. The market went back up during the overnight before tanking on Tuesday. On Tuesday you see the major drop off where the premium was absolutely fantastic. It was during this time that I sold more ES 1110 Puts, and VXX  50 Calls.

IMO it was a no brainer selling premium during that moment of panic. Now with the market having calmed down, I will just wait.

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