How I’m trading $AAPL (apple stock) from here

How I'm trading $AAPL stock from here :

Yesterday I added a bit more AAPL after having sold a chunk while i was away the past 2 weeks into the last move up 

If we had hit $330-320 area in regular trading hours i would have added a bit more: Also if we hit $345-$350 this week i'd take more profits off the table on my swing position

You can see that we've had a downward trend set up on the last 3 bounces on the daily chart , that's why would not mind selling if we have another pop back to that downward trend line:

 Here is the chart i posted yesterday in the chatroom 


There was some news I read earlier that could have helped AAPL push off the lows.  

Deutsche lifts $AAPL target to $450 @10:36 & rumors of Iphone + 8 MP camera

You can see other news on $AAPL for today here:


Here's is an updated chart today : 

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