/b covered short on NFLX 235 weekly calls at 3.60-.70 at 113% pure loss but since we have twice the money allocation on the 230 puts shorts those will see 100% gain each this strategy by expire should be .83X OVERSIZED profit thats not mentioning the 210% and 190% gains on the longs on 235 puts that were 2x oversized and add to that the 100% gain on the short on the 255 weekly calls that we entered before anything else. And we end up with 5.83x OVERSIZED Pure profit on NFLX strategy this week. This helps ofset the losses on AAPL this week long calls that did not work out. Because on AAPL had 3x oversized calls on 345 and 1x on 350 weeklies but out of that we had 1x short 100% pure profit on 325 330 and 335 puts shorts. So in the end 1x oversized loss on AAPL strategy and 5.83X Oversized gain on NFLX strategy so end the week with 4.83X OVERSIZED PURE PROFIT IN THE END FOR THE WEEK . Not bad for a week that did not at all work out as expected, and shows the versatility of options. I know a complicated email hehehe but explains the overall weeks strategy.

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