buying USO 44 April puts at .49-.52 OVERSIZED

/b buying USO 44 April puts at .49-.52 OVERSIZED. am again attempting to go bearish OIL trough USO. Have tried to do so unsuccessfully in the past but taking another stab at it here. The Aprils expire this week , multiday negatives have cleared on my formulas and this is not to far out of the money puts. by the time I send out the email she is at .69 but should be just beginning Mentioned timely in the room . If the market was to time out and any signs of a slow down on the recovery that should be bearish OIL. Not on only that if the is leadership change in Libia that would be bearish OIL. Plus supply picture period there is no reason for oil to be at these levels just as there was no reason in 2008 so a fall from excessively high levels should be inevitable.

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