Options Adoption Webinar & Related Links

Options Adoption Webinar & Related Links


Video volume is a bit high when stockguy22 (me) talks & lower with MMassassin & BrighterStocks on the webinar but hope you can still learn something new from the presentation. Learning about options is a bit more challenging so if you are new and feel a bit confused or lost , its normal & it took me a while and lot of repetition when I first was learning options.


Here is the video link for the Options Adoption Webinar: Enjoy the webinar its approx. 1 hour 40minutes ( sit back & enjoy)


Part 2 will be sometime next week – Registration link will be posted early next week

You can see the PowerPoint slides from the presentation here:




Links/Sites that have been helpful to me on OPTIONS:

1) http://optionseducation.org  They have some great online classes & webinars on options .. Also you can call them free @ 1888-options (they will answer all your questions on individual options)

2) if you have iTunes — search for  "options Strategies for Investors" great webinars on different types of Spreads etc. " Bear Put Spread " Bull Call Spread " etc. Great Free Videos

3) Josh ( optionsizzle on twitter) has a great little ebook on weekly options here that I recommend here: :  Great guy that will answer you're options questions 

4) MMassassin contact him at  http://tradersplayground.com & on twitter


Hope you enjoyed the webinar

You can contact Stockguy22  on twitter or on this site

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