Most Popular Charting & Trading Webinars, Blogs, Videos & Trading Links


Most Popular Charting & Trading Webinars, Blogs, Videos  & Trading Links 

For those of you that have time this long weekend & and want to improve your trading . I did an update of some of the most recent trading webinar links, trading articles and trading blogs from the site that I thought you will find helpful:

The Saturday webinars are great way to learn more about my trading style , technical analysis and how I trade certain stocks and/or analyze them. They are longer in length (usually 2-3hours) but very popular (some of the most recent webinars have had over 2,000 downloads) and you can always fast forward to charts that are of interest to you. I usually make a list of chart requests & go in order. I'm thinking to cut those webinars down in length to 45minutes- 1 hour max. Hope you enjoy these links: I'll keep updating this page with other interesting & most popular trading links for you. If you want to contact @stockguy22 or our team send an email to . We are here to help you.

Most Recent Charting & Trading Webinars by @stockguy22 :

  1. April 16th , 2011 Saturday Chart & Chat  with @stockguy22  Length : almost 3 hours long We reviewed $COMPX $INDU $ES_F $TF_F $SCO #OIL $NTAP $JRCC $AAPL $TDSC $JOYG $EXPE $PCX $NFLX Also reviewed Article on Money Management, and Mentoring   
  2. April 9th, 2011 Saturday Chart & chat Webinar its 2 hours & 25min. long ( reviewed 20 charts) such as $INDU $COMPX $ES_F $TF_F $CL_F $NFLX $ROYL $SVM.TO $PWER $HRB $HZU.TO $CSCO $AMZN $F $YOKU $SINA $BIDU $SOHU $CSTR $SKX  
  3. March 12, 2011 Saturday Chart/Chat Session ; Length, 3 1/2 hours long . Charts reviewed were $COMPX $INDU $ES_F $TF_F $CSCO $AAPL $DANG $OCLR $PWER $DRYS $BIDU $APA $POT $NFLX $GIGX $F $ZSL $GLD $AVL $REE $MCP $ZHC $EGLE & March Mentoring Special & Why have a Trading Mentor 
  4. March 5, 2011 Chart/Chat Webinar – its almost 3 hours long -Lot of trading info/charts.. Some of the charts we reviewed Dow Nasdaq Oil $SCO $OAS $SINA $JDSU $NBG $DECK $HOD.TO $AAPL $CSCO $IMAX $EXK $GOOG $SLV $CTSH $GNK $LVS $RVM.TO $SKX $Enjoy !!  did not finish all the charts
  5. Funny Video on Penny Stocks /Bulletin Board & OTC (over the counter) stocks. What are the best Penny or Pink Sheet Stocks to trade? I get asked about these type of stocks a lot & the conversation usually goes something like this – –
  6. Other past Stockguy22 Video links in our Webinar section as well as : others on youtube


The Most Popular & Most Viewed Trading Blog Posts and Stock Articles by @stockguy22

  1. How to Handle Losses in Trading ..this has helped me over the years What to do when you are underwater on stock positions or take unusually higher losses then normal Posted this on twitter last July & you'll find how I handled a big losing day.
  2. Poker Players affected by the FBi Poker site shutdown, Look to Trading for Many Similarities:
  3. Article by @stockguy22 from @: Position Sizing, Risk Reward & Money Management: How to Stack the Deck to Improve your Odds to Win in Trading
  4. Stocks That Will Be Affected By The Japan Earthquake, Tsunami & Nuclear Crisis ,
  5. IPO (initial public offering) trading Strategy that I used on recent IPO's like $GM , $YOKU $DANG & past 2010 /2009 IPOs like $DGi $CCM $MJN $OPEN $TSLA $CYOU and $LIWA & others ==
  6. How to Handle Twitter, Facebook & other Online  Haters (applies to real world as well ) A strategy that has helped me succeed when people push you down. Its an older post I did but many 1,000's have viewed it since I originally posted it in July 2010:
  7. You can read other blogs I've written here :


Trading Videos & Trading Strategies:

  1. April 14th, 2011 "OPTIONS Adoption" webinar yesterday – Ready for you to download & watch it FREE here 1 hour 40min
  2. April 8th , 2011 Supercharging Trading plan Part 2 with @ I use Alex's tymoraPro charts along with Esignal (Qcharts) daily.
  3. Supercharging Trading Plan webinar w/ @ – watch how the system trades off the charts COOL
  4. March 16, 2011 JAPAN STOCKS/ ETF's webinar by @ & @
  5. You Tube videos by @ from our chatroom on futures, soybeans and US Treasury Bonds, commodities & currencies Short/Easy to understand trading strategies .  – and you will like his Aussie accent
  6. More Free Webinars here on Taxes & Trading, Interactive Brokers, Trading Recaps, Trading Strategies & Moving averages, Futures, Options Trading, Shorting , Charting & more


Trading Blog Posts

  1. Check Rob's Blog each week @The Week in Crayons
  2. Check this blog post from Jeff @ from our chatroom on $AAPL option strategy- great read/strategy Hope Jeff continues to post more strategies like this
  3. Follow @mmassassin blog on trading weekly options on $AAPL $NFLX $USO etc.
  4. Follow @jstanford649 Market Activity & Update Blog here
  5. Follow Algo Trader @christianhgross past blogs here :
  6. More Great Blogs on our site here

Let us know if you have any problems with any of the links. I'll be adding more to this list so bookmark it. 

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