Top Stock Scans on Nasdaq & NYSE for April 26th , 2011

Was doing some scans today & found some interesting breakouts on some Nasdaq ( $COMPX) & NYSE ( $INDU) stocks

Here are some asdaq stocks breaking out & up over 10% today $REDF $ECYT $IIVI $HSTM $VRTX $KUTV $PRGX $VICL $USAT

other Nasdaq stocks coming off consolidation areas &/or trending higher /up today over 10% today $ESLR $ONSM $RPRX $VTRO $HWAY $ARNA $YRCW


some Stock Scans I did on NYSE stocks breaking out today & up over 10% $WTi $KND $MLI $CRS $ACO $AAN $HLX —

Hope these are helpful as Top Stocks to watch in the coming week – I can also scan stocks dropping back and hitting into key support levels

If you like these or you find them helpful let me now or send a comment & I can try to post them up again.

I constantly scan for new stock positions and technical setups so don't mind sharing them from time to time.


Happy Trading,


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