Stockguy22 Trading Results for 2011 to date & past 6 months


Stockguy22 Trading Results for 2011 to date & past 6 months

so I made enough in the past 6 months of Trading Stocks to buy this Lamborghin-Gallardo:

Do I buy it? 


Thought to share what has helped me the past 6 months & how I go about analyzing my trades month to month.

I tried to break it down since we started the group as a premium site back in November: The totals below do not include commissions/taxes/fees or dividend plays which I do from separate accounts but don't post in chat room – Also does not include longer term plays and Retirement Protected trades or what my wife will take as her share once she reads this blog.. She's worth it but hope I'm left with enough for a few nice dinners.



I constantly review my trades Weekly & Monthly – What i started to notice in December /January was that I was selling too soon on my swing positions – so in Feb /March I became a bit more aggressive in my buys & scaling out of positions closer to my initial target.

That helped me improve my total profits on Feb & March 2011. I still sold soon but translated to more profits.

I didn't expect as much profit into April 2011 but turned out to be my best month of the year. Not as much as last November $66k+ but quite nice anyway.

My average daily profits worked out to be just over $2,600 profit in April and averaged daily profits over the past 6 months was just over $2,100 per day. ( Not a bad paycheck) 

I'll post the individual %'s for each month as I add to this post : 

The main thing I want you to understand from this is NOT how much I made but to try and have consistency in your trading. As you can see it was pretty consistant over the past 6 months. In 2009 I had a much better stellar year and my average profits were much higher then late 2010 & 2011 but…. 

1) It was a different trading market 

2) I was more aggressive trader in 2009

3) Had more longer term swing trades from Spring to October that were incredible %'s and $ amounts.

4) I have had a few distractions of other business investments outside of trading the past year.

5) I had more swing, intraday & option trades working for me

6) ) I was distracted with a chat room ( so that may have hurt me a bit actually on trading profits since I probably am a bit more conservative since don't do as many aggressive trades as I did in 2009 , just being honest) 


Some other important points I want you to try and learn from this post today is :

1) review your trades,

2)know what your average position will be so no one position will ever be too much or too little of your overall trading profits for any given month. Its ok to get lucky and have bigger % then you expected but spread your risk out (NEVER INTO 1 POSITION like we've seen on twitter with some traders banking on 1 stock ) 

3) Don't worry about the $ amounts.. Concentrate more on percentages , the money will follow regardless of the size of your account.

4) Analyze your trades and charts to see how you could have reduced a loss or maximized a gain in the previous week or month. Then apply that going forward also are your strategies still working? – If you were buying breakouts and now they are not happening as frequently how did you adjust to that fact? This is where traders become complacent and don't try new trading styles/techniques. They keep doing what they are comfortable with. If its working for you great!!, but if it stops working get the help of a more experienced trader or try to follow someone who is doing well.

5) know what your strengths and weaknesses are and work on them constantly. Example if your strength is buying stocks into support but you give up too much profit by selling too soon , then scale out of positions instead of selling them all in one shot. If you are letting too many losing positions drop below your initial stop then start putting hard stops in place or scale out of positions at those key breakdown points. This is something that you will continuously work on in trading and you can get better at it but I find that I am always trying to fine tune my trading strategies & techniques. 

6) Only enter trades with high risk/reward setups – Forget the news, hype or excitement on a stock.  If you find you are trading just on emotion and excitement and its not working for you, then stop , re-evaluate and take your time. The market is not going anywhere. The key thing you should remember is to survive and protecting your bankroll. If you find you aren't analyzing a trade properly before you take the trade on then don't do it. There will be another stock the next day , week or month.


I'll be adding the individual trades to this blog with the %'s , so come back to it- I'll repost on twitter when its done. There was a lot to just cut/paste into the blog.


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Hope this was helpful 
Do I buy the Lamborghini? 
1) I already have some nice cars 
2) the profits were pre tax, commissions fees, & what my wife will take ( cough cough.. Ask for )  …lol 
3) prefer to have my money working for me. If I was in my 20's again I probably would blow the money on a new car but I've been there , done that , so doesn't excite me as it use to. I do get more pleasure at this point in my life from family , helping other traders, poker & real estate. So have enough to keep me busy outside of trading.
4) Didn't get to where I am today but just throwing the money around
5) Prefer to re-invest continued profits outside of trading 
So unfortunately I won't be buying the Lamborghini but If I do I'll let you know… I've already taken some of the profits out & have done some good with it ( bit of charity, bit of family gifts & something for myself)
Hope you found this detailed blog helpful



Check below to see the more detailed Monthly Results:
Most common questions I get
1) Where are all the losses ? well I've had some high % trading months where I've gone weeks with 90-100% successful trades ( a bit of a fluke to do that longer term but Nov-April have been amazing )  I've kept my losses minimal & locked up profits into key resistance points but still sitting on a handful of dead positions out of the 253 Total Trades I did in the 6 month period – Sometimes what i'll do if I have some losing positions that i've held for a while I'll clear them out before the next Tax season.
2) what is your ROi ? – its much better then what I can get at the bank, or that the market can give me. I've been pretty consistant & proud of that. To give a true ROi on these trades I'd have to back out all my other dividend trades to give a clear ROI but i'm very happy with it.  I'll try to get a true ROi for these dates but I would have to put it into a program to calculate for me the dates I entered my position, exit it and how much I have out at any one time. Lately I've rarely had a big amount of my total bankroll at work. I did much much better in 2009 so although you may be impressed with these trades my success was far more then. I had weeks in 2009 where I made more then what my best month has been the past 6 months… if you check this link you'll see my best overnight trade on $DNDN which was over $100,000 profit- & you can see many other trades that I posted during that time- I'm waiting again for big days/weeks like 2009  –
 Some mistakes i've made lately like ZSL ( Silver short ETF which I'm down on)
 A few tricky trades like $SQQQ which was a hedge for me that I started for my long positions but plan to close this out or if market gets toppy I'll add to this position
ALL THE TRADES BELOW WERE POSTED LIVE IN THE CHATROOM (VTF- Virtual Trade Floor) and in the private feed along with charts w/my notes:
Example of trades today on & INTC : 
I'll also post charts when I enter exit / positions like the recent IMAX sale ( you can see below) – Since November if you didn't join our premium group you've missed on all those trades posted live when i bought & when i sold — NOT AFTER THE FACT .
How many trades per month would cover your membership many times ?
If the Trading site you are with does not provide details like this then you should not be there:
If you want to join us for a 2 week Free Trial Join us here & see for yourself :
Click on the chart on IMAX twice to read the text i said the day I sold it – thought could break out & hit $34/$35 and it did today.
I'm also available for 1 on 1 mentoring send email to – If you missed the webinar this evening on Mentoring I'll post a link to the taped copy :
Here is the more detailed info I said I would post broken down by months below :
I have held a few trades each month but not many to put my bankroll at risk








All the Best in your Trading Path & hope you find a stack of  cash in the Markets –





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