Potential for Pirates of the Caribbean 4 – 3D for IMAX RLD DiSney




This Friday May 20th both $IMAX $DiS should benenit form the Pirates of the Carribean 4 – 3D on Stranger Tides

Its been a successful movie franchise as you can see from the box office numbers below but  what can Pirates Part 4 do. 

Estimated Box Office for Pirates is approx $230 Million Domestic but that seems low & when you take in the worldwide box office in the past 3 you can see how it can easily surpass $1billion again also doesn't hurt to have Penelope Cruz on the big screen in 3D. Only problem is that 2 other big blockbuster movies are coming out the following weekend.

The following weekend May 26th is the release of KungFu Panda 2 also in 3D and expected to do close to $200 Million and on the same weekend Hangover 2 is released which is also expected to do another $200 Million plus. So 3 big movies going after some big dollars in a very short time.


I like the DiSney ( DIS ) chart on this dip to $41 today and was thinking to give it a shot. Disney should benefit from both the box office on Pirates along with all the merchandising dollars from that success. The recent weakness could be a good opportunity on this stock but unlike IMAX and RLD it is not at the most recent & all time highs.

$IMAX is close to a breakout point & earlier today had hit over $37 on volume ( there was also some unusual $40 call activity that jgwilson from our chart point out to me last week) Imax should do much better this year since they will get a much bigger domestic & overseas( foreign) box office amount since they have so many more theathers now and going into the future. Movie receipts have not done well for the start of 2011 so this summer blockbuster list will be key for all companies involved

Another co. that should benefit with all the 3d movies is $RLD ( realD inc.) – similar chart to IMAX its been at the most recent highs (getting close to the $33.55 breakout point of last week) 

both IMAX and RLD should be good buys on dips – IMAX has been an amazing trading stock for me since January 2010 but I sold it recently and have been waiting for a rebuy on any descent dips.


other big blockbusters this summer include:

June 17th – Green Lantern  – projected $150+ Million

June 24th Cars 2 – 3D  – projected $200 + Million

July 1st Transformers: Dark of the Moon – $300Mill + projected

July 15th Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 2 – $300Mill + projected

July 29th – Cowboys and Aliens – projected $150+ Million



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