buying NFLX 240 may calls at 3.50 -.80 OVERSIZED


/b buying NFLX 240 may calls at 3.50 -.80 OVERSIZED. buying these in the money calls now that we see some strength conformation on NFLX and a move to 345 seams more likely. The last short on puts earlier today was meant to protect the venerable long on 345 calls. Now this entry moves away from protecting against sideways action to a focus on additional profit building. We are now have a total of I believe 11 legs open on NFLX and so far about 4x OVERSIZED pure profit on the strategy that ends this friday. BIG SMILES SO FAR. Now there is risk with this last entry of 240 being the final magnet and would not hesitate to exit then short these same calls if need be to create a final iron condor on the 240 line.

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