What is the Ira Sohn Conference? 2010 stocks and Speakers


The Ira Sohn Conference is a yearly meeting of top hedge fund recommendations to traders and institutions. This is an expensive conference and the hedge fund presenters are under a microscope so they put their best plays out on the table. The money is raised for charity which is a big plus of having all these Wall St. fat cats all in one place.  There have been some amazing long & short plays. I was most impressed with the short plays in 2009 ( a time when the market had bottomed and was continuing higher) 

you can learn more about the charity here or if you want to register next year & have an extra $4k to spare: 


 There will be live blogging from the conference.

Here is a live blog link from today’s even from Reuters

I usually keep a watch list & track the stocks mentioned at the conference. It has worked well trading those stocks and I’ve found in the past that those stocks begin moving by the second day of being mentioned. Now with technology being so quick we may see intraday moves on stocks. There have been both great long & short stock plays that come from that conference such as: 

Last year presenters were: Bill Ackman, Daniel Arbess, David Einhorn, Niall Ferguson, Jeremy Grantham , Jonathan Jacobson, David Tepper, Steve Eisman, I put my list from last year in the pic below – Click on it to see it bigger

in 2009 Bill Ackman made that amazing GGP play which he spoke again about in 2010

in 2010 Steve Eisman – shorts on Education stocks like APOL ESI COCO EDMC WPO in his presentation ” For Profit Education: Subprime goes to College”  They have bounced back but initially he was dead right on them.

or 2009/2010 David Einhorn short call on Moodys MCO and gold long plays ( just amazing success) 


So each year keep a watch list of stocks mentioned during the conference & hope helps other traders to understand the importance /past success of this conference. I’ll be putting a list of stocks from the 2011 Ira Sohn Conference & may trade a bunch of them this year. I’ll try to update this blog for you.



click the spreadsheets below to see the info much larger and clearer: INFO below for IRA SOHN STOCKS in 2010

Ira Sohn conference Stocks Speakers 2010


Ira Sohn conference Stocks Speakers 2010


Ira Sohn conference Stocks Speakers 2010

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