Stocks/Speakers & Quotes from today’s 2011 Ira Sohn Conference

Here is the Spreadsheet update for May 26th performance of Ira Sohn mentioned stocks ( long/short) There are a total of 29 stocks on this list based on May 25th closing prices — I’ll keep premium members updated on 1 month, 6month & 12month performances. Also if i Plan to open any positions on this list — As of yesterday I already owned FDO , YHOO & FSLR  but not any of the others. 

So far not a bad start up 1.22% from yest. closing prices. Top performer was TIF ( Tiffany’s) at 8.57%

worst was Alex ( Alexander & Baldwin ) at -4.23%.

In the past I’ve found after approx 1 week the stocks find some good direction. We’ll re-analyze and may enter some positions for my personal pertfolio.. Below is the spreadsheet ( double click to see it on a separate page if anything is cut off) Also I’ve left in the info from yesterday from all the speakers. 

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Ira Sohn conference Stocks Speakers 2011

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What is the  Conference and why I like to watch stocks mentioned there ? quick blog & past stocks mentioned at the conference : 

Some notable quotes from the 2011 Ira Sohn Conference 


Funniest quote today had to be :  Marc Faber ( Dr. Doom ) re: Ben Bernanke – “If we all made a long face , he would drop a trillion dollars into this room”  

also a bit funny : Carl Icahn : People made money studying artificial intelligence , I made a fortune studying natural stupidity” Also said he’s investing in himself .. spa treatments, accupuncture etc.

Jim Chanos ( Kynikos ) : “Declining Natural Gas prices have put an economic arrow into the heart of alternative energy ”  and “we’re going to upset the greenies” 

Surprising Quote: David Einhorn (Greenlight) calls on board of Microsoft ( MSFT) to fire Steve Ballmer


I’ve attached 3 spreadsheets with a recap of the Stocks/comments mentioned at today’s 2011 Ira Sohn Conference (on May 25, 2011).

I follow the stocks each year and prefer to put them on a spreadsheet since they are easier to track for me.

This year I’ll post the closing prices on each stock at the end of the day of May 25, 2011 and keep track of how well these stocks do into the end of the year. I’ve found it better to get in and out of some of these type of trades rather then just buying and holding them. 

I was happy to hear good comments on YHOO (Yahoo)  , FDO (Family Dollar ) since I own both but didn’t like FSLR mentioned as potential short, but with valid arguments as to why its a good short from here. I may have to wind down wind and solar plays like FSLR ( First Solar) if they go any lower – I own a batch of Wind & solar stocks which I was planning to hold longer.   I was happy to hear though good comments regarding Natural Gas “Its not going up much but its also not going down”. I’ve done ok trading the bounces but has been a tougher longer term play using the Nat.Gas ETFs ( UNG , )

I will be posting charts, key levels & strategies of any stocks I follow on this list ( in our chatroom through the year) If you would like to join our chat just go to for signup details.

double click the spreadsheets so you can read the full commentaries on a separate page

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Ira Sohn conference Stocks Speakers 2011

Ira Sohn conference Stocks Speakers 2011 – by stockguy22


Ira Sohn conference Stocks Speakers 2011

Ira Sohn conference Stocks Speakers 2011 – by stockguy22


Ira Sohn conference Stocks Speakers 2011

Ira Sohn conference Stocks Speakers 2011 -by stockguy22

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