Here’s charts on that crazy $SNOFF $ moves

Wanted to show you something that works well for me . Although i didn't trade this SNOFF its done some similar moves to a strategy i like to use on major drops


1) Look for V-Shape formation

2) Key reversal time at 10amEST , 2pmEST 

3) buy after 1st green or 2nd green candle after massive drop

4) sell or scale out into key levels ( or into first or 2nd 5 min candle) – which has not happened yet

5) remember though this was given a sub $1 target on fraud allegations so even at $2.50 was a higher risk trade

6) also this was an OTC play & halted on the Toronto stock exchange ($ while the big drop & pop still happened – so was definitely unusual situtation that you won't see each week.

The move on SNOFF ( Sino-Forest ) was major and very unusual but this V-shape strategy has worked for me many times just on a much lower percentage move then $SNOFF was.


Congrats if you made some money on it but the move was monsterous but the strategy like the one i show in the charts does work consistantly well for me. I definitely would not have traded it since doesn't meet my trading criteria but hope you learn something from it

Click on the chart to make it bigger – I have some notes on the individual charts that hopefully can help you when you see a move like this crazy one in the future




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