AAPL ( Apple key levels to watch under the 200day sma)

Stockguy22 TECHNICAL analysis on $AAPL ( Apple ) 

We have not seen Apple close under the 200day sma for some time & its been under the 200day the past 4 sessions. I took advantage and added the most recent dips after selling it on June 1st. 

Here's an updated chart of what key levels I'm watching for on $AAPL 

the 20day sma ( simple moving average) $332.71

the 200day sma ( $326.54) 

I've been taking advantage of playing AAPLe this year by buying the dips each month & selling each bounce- I've sold it in January /February /March /April & June 1st was my last sale . Only missed May since was consolidating during that time.

My next major sale I would do if AAPL hit towards the downward trend of approx $345 but will keep a close eye in case it tops out at one of the major moving averages i mentioned above.

I post all my buys/sell in our chatroom & AAPL has been a tremendous play. Some traders have followed using options on it which is also a great way to have taken advantage of the recent dips.

Re: Times when AAPL closed under or hit towards the 200day sma has been a great buy zone ( coincides into summer months too) 



$AAPL daily chart & the times it has been under the 200day sma 
We had talked in chat the few times since 2006 that AAPL was under the 200day sma area I've pointed those areas for you. Another pattern is that it tends to be weaker during the summer months so I did not mind adding more on the most recent drops we had 
If you had wanted to own AAPL & bought during those dips at & below the 200day sma – 
My biggest trade % and $ wise was from spring of 2009- Oct2009- when i added a big core position swing when markets & many stocks broke thru the 20day sma during spring of 2009.  I sold too soon in October 2009 but traded AAPL again & made some great trades last summer 2010 & from Jan-June 2011 on AAPL 

As you can see I like to go into a lot of detail reviewing the charts & have found that this helps me get better entries & exits and translates to better success rate on these type of trades

Hope you find the chart below helpful. Its similar to detailed notes  I post on any swing trades I do in our chatroom. 




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