buying GLD 149 weekly puts at .34 area OVERSIZED


 buying GLD 149 weekly puts at .34 area OVERSIZED . Tonight we get news regarding vote on Greek bailout something that should have a positive outcome. And if this is resolved favorably then a sharp fall in the fear related metal of gold should be seen. Am not shorting any calls just making a high risk long puts stake on the bearish gold possibility trough gold ETF GLD. Am also watching AAPL closely, considering shorting some more puts and perhaps buying some long calls if we see a pull back on AAPL. Unfortunately yesterday the 325 weekly calls stopped us out at .85 only to today have the follow trough bullishly and move as high as 2.89. It was a mistake not to enter today at 1.50 but now it may be to late unless we get a spike down at the close. If we get positive news of bailout in Greece then am expecting a strong market rally tomorrow obviously and it could spell a enormous fall I think on this fear driven bubble that is gold.

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