Euro and USD relationship to markets – can it hold?

USD (/DX) basket of currencies to give a value to USD. Notice the tight action in price. Waiting for the US debt negotiations, waiting for Greece.



Next up is the /6E Euro (60% of the /DX).  Notice the inverse action and tight price consoldiation.  Partially related to Greece, partially related to uncertainty in US debt ceiling.

Also notice how old trend lines can be used to gauge future price action (white dashed lines), even after being violated.


What you should gather from both charts is CONSOLIDATION, UNCERTAINTY, and energy is building for a move.  If you are unsure, check out the ribbon, we just ended large moves and are now compressed.  Price agreement currently, and can only last so long.


Does the USD rally and can the US Markets muster a rally as well?  It has happened before, and can happen again.






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