Some Scans for the rest of us

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Scan #1 Breakout Scan

Over 500k Avg Volume / Above 20 SMA / Above 50 SMA / Below 200 SMA

This scan is good for finding bottoming plays coming into resistance @ 200 day, potential breakouts,ta_sma20_pa,ta_sma200_pb,ta_sma50_pa&ft=4


Scan #2 Strong Trend Scan

Over 500k Avg Volume / Above 20 SMA / Above 50 SMA / Above 200 SMA

This scan is good for finding stocks that are in strong trends, or have just corrected and have an established trends – also good for finding stocks coming into resistance price levels,ta_sma20_pa,ta_sma200_pa,ta_sma50_pa&ft=4


Scan #3 Coming into Long Term Support

200 day support scan, stock is correcting below 20 day , below 50 day, but still above 200 day,ta_sma20_pb,ta_sma200_pa,ta_sma50_pb&ft=4


Scan #4 New High Scan

A very simple scan that just finds you stocks making new 52 week highs. Typically you find breakouts and stock stocks that would be good to look at on a pullback.,ta_highlow52w_nh&ft=4


Other Suggested Scans


Value Plays

avg daily volume over 500k, share price over 10, ROE over 15%, PEG below 1, above both 50dma and 200dma,fa_roe_o15,sh_avgvol_o500,sh_price_o10,ta_sma200_pa,ta_sma50_pa&ft=4
Turds Cirlcing the Bowl

These aren’t long for this world.,fa_fpe_o20,fa_roe_neg,fa_salesqoq_neg,sh_insiderown_low,ta_sma200_pb,ta_sma50_pb&ft=4



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