What are futures doing after #debtceiling announcement for July 31st & August 1st, 2011


Let's Play Kick the Can

Use to be fun to play kick the can when I was young.

Politicians seem to enjoy playing that game too ,  Just they playing with a bigger can now "the US Debt. " 




Update Aug 1st 2:30amEst live chart connection experiencing problems tonight so shut it down.. Looks to be modem/internet problems on this end. Feel free to check into morning if restarts itself. If i set up a new link i will post it here.  

Looks like USA won't default – as per President Obama speech at 8:40pmEST tonight ( Sunday July 31st , 2011)

but still more work to be done by the politicians in Washington 

What are futures doing tonight Sunday July 31st, 2011 after #debtceiling announcement?

As i said on July 11th in an earlier blog http://sg22.ly/qxUyiv    

#9 Politicians will likely wait till the last minute as they seem to do with other crisis situations. (Did not think they would wait till last second) 


as of 10:41pmEST July 31st 2011 here are the most recent quotes ( you can see the live stream all night at link below) 

ESU1 1306.5 TFU1 803.70 #oil $96.96 , #silver $39.405 , #gold $1613.83 , #EURO 1.4384

for you night owls or early risers that want to see live futures/    charts LIVE FREE feed all night here 

its limited to the first 200 people only ) Just put in any name & u're email address if you want to be notified of other future webinars http://sg22.ly/qkFJAo   ( or fake name/fake email if u don't want to be emailed – i don't mind ) The charts are free so enjoy them  or if you have an  use the Free GotoMeeting app has to be Version 4.8 & type in Webinar iD #357-332-928  or just click the sg22 link above right from your ipad.

If you have a Mac & it freezes up when you try to enter a gotomeeting webinar-  you can go here to fix the problem @gotomeeting is working on a fix but by downloading Firefox on your Mac fixes it  info here http://sg22.ly/ro56Wb 


Charts look like this :  There is a scanner on the left then ESU1 TFU1 CLU1 SIU1 #gold & #EURUSD charts all running live in real time



Futures prices ahead of Monday August 1st , 2011


what are futures at after Debt Ceiling announcement

Did futures spike on Debt Ceiling announcement

Debt Celing 

Debt Cieling 

Debt Ceilin

Debt Celin 

what is oil doing after debt  ceiling announcement

Free streaming charts of live oil, silver and futures pricing

Free streaming live charts of emini Futures (ES_F /ES ) 

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Kick the Debt Ceiling Can

Kick the Can 


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