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/b buying $SPY 127 weekly puts at 1.17-.18 same contract amount as the short on SPY 126 weekly puts to create protection and a profit driver as the market lose there footing. This makes a very large position on the SPY 127 weekly calls


/b buying GLD 158 weekly puts at .55 -.57 2x oversized and selling SPY 127 weekly puts at 1.40-.1.45 area from 1.17. the long on SPY 127 puts did there job and helped us hold trough a pull back but now am letting them go. Gold is getting close to the top of her trend lines so with to attempt some bearish stakes here on these very high risk this week expire puts where if we fell here they would move dramatically. We are at gold all time highs and close to long term upper trend lines so am taking a stab at it twice as aggressively as I usually enter in a single initial position. The markets are today close to the lower trend lines so if we do not soon see strength it could be very market bearish and the larger multi month direction would shift bearishly. But for now am attempting to position at these critical levels and one of the most significant technical levels of the day bullishly. If weakness reemerges would quickly renter those 127 SPY puts again if we again lose day lows. So again watching SPY closely if day lows are lost would renter SPY weekly puts same contract amount. Not going to fight the markets


/s shorting AAPL 400 weekly calls at 1.80-1.65 same contract amount as the long on AAPL 410 weekly calls . And to do this we also covered AAPL 415 weekly calls at .08-.10 area. Also we reentered the 127 weekly SPY puts at 1.56-1.63 area . With SPY we still have the long leg at 124 weekly puts and am watching them closely for wish to exit them before the close before overnight theta depreciates them.


/s shorting GLD 162 weekly calls at 1.10-.95 vertical trough GLD 164 weekly puts at .45 area 2x oversized the spread.  to work as a hedge on our long puts stake as gold within the day hits the top of the trend line perfectly. also sold the SPY 124 weekly puts at .81-.76 . the long on SPY 127 puts working great.

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