AAPL trading summary

/b bought AAPL 370 weekly puts at .80-.86 same contract amount as the short on AAPL 375 weekly calls so that we have a long leg ready to go for incase we need to short puts. Earlier today we bought AAPL 385 weekly calls at .69 area and when AAPL fell like a rock we used the long leg as a vertical short on 375 weekly calls at 2.30-.65 same contract amount. This made the short vertical on AAPL 375 weekly calls a 4x oversized stake in spread from entery’s. After we lost all support levels on the market I went very bearish AAPL with that calls short but we have to be ready to protect it and thats why we went long same contract amount the 370 puts that way if she bounces to much we can always short ither the 375 puts or the 380 puts. By the way we still hod the long on 375 puts from earlier in the week and that is finally making money, and that was a 2x oversized stake. So if we were to short the 375 weekly puts we would have to sell this long position. I am sorry for not sending a detailed explanation yesterday but things were just to erratic, we were all over the place with SPY puts positions.

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