Did the stock market or futures crash Sunday August 7, 2011 after the S&P downgrade ?

Did the stock market or futures crash Sunday August 7, 2011 after the S&P downgrade ? 





Where are futures right now ? on August 7th , 2011 as of 11:20pmES

Initially the Emini Futures (ESU1 / ES_F) gapped down Sunday night to 1162 area ( bounced back up towards 1179 and sitting around 1173 as of now)

Russell Futures (TFU1 / TF_F dropped down to 692.50 and popped just over 702 and currently are 698.80

Oil Futures ( CLU1 /CL_F) dropped down to mid $83.00 and bounced back just under $85 currently at 83.99 – didn’t move too much actually

Silver Futures ( SiU1 / Si_F ) moved up & is currently a $40.16

Gold Futures ( CGU1 / CG_F ) moved up and just sitting below 1,700 (new high) $1696

Euro ( #EURUSD) moved up to 1.4432 then came right back down under 1.43 to close the gap & currently at 1.4334


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Futures prices ahead of Monday August 1st , 2011 (old pic but looks similar to this)






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