How much is this tweet worth to traders the past week?

How much is this tweet worth for traders the past week?

If you had read the tweet below on July 14th would you have been lighter, taken some positions off or held off on any excessive buys into August?










One of the many 3,100 + tweets our premium members received since last November both Gold & Diamond members get them all in real time ( along with every chart I analyze or stocks I buy/sell)

I still added some stocks after this but not to the aggressive point that I was adding before. I can’t even tell you right now what its saved me but since we were coming off a resistance point in the market & into an uncertain event I wanted the premium members to be more cautious  (i mentioned it often in the chatroom or if you came to any of the many free webinars we have)

If the tweet above was worth more than $2 per day than had you been a premium member even unloading 1 or 2 stocks or lightening up would have save you that money many times over.

I hate to over promote our group & you won’t see me do that on twitter but I believe we have one of the best sites for serious traders on the internet. We’ve done well in the good markets, protected our money now , & will do well once the market bottoms out ( i believe it will & i’ll be here with the other members to do well again).


Hate to see people panicking now that market corrected when with some simple techniques on Money Management, Risk Reward, Hedging & just simple logic they could have saved many $1,000’s of dollars prior to this.  Take advantage of the Free Webinars on the site , try the premium membership since we have a team of traders ( not just me) that are also trying to beat this market every day.

You have to take it serious to succeed at trading, biz or life in general.  I find those that don’t take the time to learn, or want it handed to them , or try to cut all the corners will not get the results as those who are constantly learning, helping others,asking questions & following Rules.

We had traders in our chat the past week hit all time high profits for their accounts in one or two days. Something all 3 had told me they never thought would be possible when they first learned to trade. Why? since they had practiced and learned & took advantage of the market downturn.  ( all the hard work paid off for these 3 traders ). They all made more then me the past week & I could not be happier for them. I told them i’d catch up with them once we bottom & come back up. One trader last month increased their account over 70% in July with options strategies & the best play they had was one I went over & missed myself ( so happy that they got a big piece of it but understood my strategy fully) . Although that person has another bad habits that we are trying to get them to break

I know I’ll post this paragraph & maybe a few people will actually take action…  A book I read almost every year is  “Think & Grow Rich ” by Napolean Hill -Was given to me one Christmas by one of my mentors in life. I thought the title sounded stupid but the person had done well in business so I opened it up & read it. Its had such a great impact on my business success, trading success and life in general. Pick up this book its an expensive way to get started. Then maybe some of you can understand some of the bigger concepts that you can apply to all parts of your life not just trading. Then look to see if you have that Passion, perseverance, surrounding yourself with the right people, faith, a plan, etc. etc. All stuff from this classic book that all motivators have taken info from. All successful people in that book had the same similar characteristics and qualities.  When I talk to some traders I can already tell if they have many of those qualities & if they don’t i try to guide them the right way.  Read this book you’ll know what I mean. I’ve read it a different success and down points in my life & always got something new from it.


If you want to join & be part of our team:

I had broken up the memberships for 2 types of traders

1) Full Time & More active traders (Diamond Membership)

2) Part Time & Traders that work Full time (Gold Memberships)

Membership signup is here :


If you want it cheaper then we have options for 6 & 12 month memberships but you will never get the lower rates that original members got since they took the big risk initially to join up with our group & since many did not quit I know we are doing a great job.  If you want to know the longer term plan payments then just email admin here :


The costs are ridiculously low for the information we provide each day /week an month- I’ve also done Free Mentoring to premium members that have asked for it. I don’t think you’d find any site on the internet that cares as much for the success of its members. We don’t cut corners & charge for every little thing. As we get bigger be aware we won’t offer Free webinars to the extent we do now — So take advantage while you can. I know we can easily do those webinar & sell them in DVD packages. We’ve kept it cheap for a reason but guess people would rather pay for $299 or more  for future webinars.

If you can’t afford to join then send us and email , barter your time or do  something that you think can help our site & we’ll gladly give you a free membership. I’ve found if I just give a free membership it won’t mean as much but if someone gives something back in return there is more value to it for them. By they way ,we don’t want your junk from eBay though. If your good at writing articles then maybe you can help add more content to our site. Are you good at site layouts, Are you good at helping setup future webinars or answer questions for new traders? If you are creative then even a paid membership site should not stop someone that is so hungry for success that they can taste it. That’s the type of people I want & have attracted to the group anyway.

Its just a shame that traders want to make serious money but they either don’t care or don’t want to learn the Rules to Trading that can make them last at this long term. They cut so many corners to try to get to the eventual goal but fail in the process many more times. Trading is not easy but its is easier when you surround yourself with like minded and smarter people. Most of the time you will never get that opportunity in life. I’ve been fortunate to have great mentors so I try to give back as much as I can.

I’m just rambling a bit but I hate to see that traders will wipe out in this market & it was something that could have been avoided.



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