NASDAQ:SODA gap down Aug.11 /2011 & How to trade SODASTREAM stock

NASDAQ:SODA gap down Aug.11 /2011 & How to trade SODASTREAM stock 




Had some fun in the chatroom yesterday – If you weren’t there you missed a fun & profitable day. I was experimenting with some intraday strategies that have worked well for me in the past in these crazy market moves.

Traded SODA ( Sodastream ) for a nice $2,269 profit ( 2.93% 5.70% 7.81% 9.04% & 10.04% ) total avg 6.64%.   Did a nice scale in & scale out strategy.

Some of the members were giving me a hard time on this trade but in a nice way. They were worried I didn’t get stopped out & said who is ever going to buy or own one of these Sodastream machines.  They were betting that I lose on it.

Once I made enough money to buy 25 SodaStream systems, I bought 2 members that were giving me a tough time ( CaptKirk & Minty) a SodaStream system each. I want them to remember yesterday & to also help them get some extra cavities with all the extra sugar from their new machines. If I held on till today went much higher & with the extra profits could have done an “Oprah” & say check under your trading desk since ” You get a Sodastream & you get a Sodastream & you … ” but we had some great laughs yesterday. I did give 2 away but that’s as far as it went.  ( Benefits of Stockguy22 Premium Membership – Free cavities & lots of sugar )

About 5 other traders in our group that followed did well along with me ( 1 trader actually made more than me ) but the intraday %’s were as good as some swing trades and I’ve had similar trades like this in the past. So was adjusting to this market – Today I was reviewing the strategy in more detail in the webinar.

Below are the live tweets from our private Stockguy22Feed for gold & diamond members ( thought to give you a sneak peek of info I share live with members)  Chart on $SODA also included.

Also gave a live commentary of what I was doing – If the group you are with does not provide this detail for you on trades in RealTime or if you want to be part of a trading community with a group of traders that are constantly helping each other then join us here for a 2 week Free Trial to test it out :














































































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