$TF_F inside my mind from 10:30 am until close

This isn’t everything that goes into my trade decisions but its a good portion. I also look at how the market is trading, so buyers seem weak. Are the trades mostly firing off on the bid or the ask? What does jul0625 think ? (had to throw that in there b/c he made a great call near 1150 to short today)

Here is my range bar chart for TF, with a 5 min as well. I have 4 screens, 1 screen is a 6R TF, one screen is a grid with 5 min charts, and one screen is a grid with 15 min charts. The final screen is for looking at women stockguy22.com chat and twitter.

So you should be aware that I am looking at ES, TF, NQ, 6E, GC, ZB, and CL on 15 min charts. If you aren’t sure why I do this or you don’t know how these all interact will each other, that sounds like a good topic for you to use http://google.com.


Check out the chart for my thinking.  Blame public education for my bad grammar.


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