Tuesday Trading Summary

I was on the wrong side of the market today, but sticking with it and trading the position let me come out with a win.

I would have been much easier to simply buy and hold.  My initial long was fast, and I tried to trade the numbers @ 10am.  Instead of waiting for the market to show me direction, I shorted the no great econ data.  Wrong choice.

I had a stop at the overnight highs and planned to add right up to them, around 665-666.

I added to the short on every swing high, not a bad plan. I had a chance to get out with a profit on the dip at 10am, but got greedy.  It gave me another chance when we found resistance at the prev swing high and initial balance high.

I didn’t take the long after 11:30 AM and I have no good reason why.  Missed a lot of profit.

I grabbed a short when started to roll over just after lunch.  A good trade, but failed to really after that because I got myself worked up from the morning being ‘short in the hole’.

Tomorrow is a new day.  Let’s get on with it.


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