buying NFLX 145 weekly calls at .74-.77 area OVERSIZED was were cleared

/b buying NFLX 145 weekly calls at .74-.77 area OVERSIZED was were cleared. again am down on the 160 calls from friday and the short on 120 puts have no bearish protection but am choosing to accumulate bullishly on these 145 calls.the 145 calls had a day high of  3.35 so premium can easily come back from these .75 area levels. Am not ready to create bearish protection trough butterfly on the puts until we were to lose 125, something that do not think will happen. Yes was surprised to see a pull back as strong as we have seen today after todays gap up but this can easily by the end of the day form a shakeout candle or hammer candle if we close above or close to the day highs with this pull back creating a nice long wick to set up the continuation bounce for the coming days. Am continuing to use the pull backs today as bullish opportunities and this should now be the bottom of the day. For my strategy sizing is very important, you size precisely so that you can accumulate the proper money allocations at key areas as you build your strategy. ok good luck $-).

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