summary of trades sold $NFLX 85 weekly calls at 6.55 from 0.90 thats 627% pure profit $-) BIG SMILES.

/s summary of trades sold $NFLX 85 weekly calls at 6.55 from 0.90 thats 627% pure profit $-) BIG SMILES. I posted this earlier. I am here making a summary of the strategies that end this week since have been posting fast tweets lately but not fuller explanations of strategies. So again on $NFLX that was a home run at 637% pure profit on a play from yesterday entry, but it was even better since yesterday we shorted the 87.50 calls at 2.50 to protect the profits of the time. Since that short was after we had big profits already on the 85 calls and the stock was up a lot , it was the equivalent of a 3.70 X OVERSIZED stake short. So when we covered at 1.70-.80 that amounted to 3X OVERSIZED profit. So in the end NFLX  2 day play brought about 927% pure profit from a single oversized entry huge smiles. Also with SPY what we did was first buy 125 calls yesterday, and then short the 126 calls to protect the full entry and at a profit. Then today SPY fell so we timed a good place to get a short on 125 puts today expire and buy more 125 calls at .27. We exited the 125 calls at .47 area so almost oversized pure profit plus gained back premium on the preview days play while getting 100% gain just about from the previous days short on 126 calls. yea sounds confusing but let me continue, we are right now almost at the close so the 125 puts short will yield us another 100% gain oversized. So in total SPY brings us about 2.5 x oversized profit. Now FSLR we shorted earlier in the week the 49 weekly puts trough the 48 puts, now I did not mind holding FSLR long term so when FSLR fell like a rock yesterday I locked in the profits on the long leg of 48 puts, leaving the 49 puts short naked. The profit on the long leg was at that point 3x oversized profit, and now that we bounced up and the 49 calls are to expire worthless that gives us another oversized profit so we end up with 4x oversized profit from FSLR alone. FSLR by the way I allowed it to be naked because I would not mind holding the stock long term, something U aonly do if you don’t mind holding the stock. OK earlier in the week I also had losses a total of about 3x oversized losses because we got hit when the market fell due to Greece. OK will now count it all up, we made about 15.77 x oversized PURE PROFIT,and 3x oversized PURE LOSS so total of 12.77X PURE PROFIT.  hence we only tock 1x oversized risk per position no more on any play and we made 12.77 X Oversized profit and you ended up with 1277% pure profit of oversized for the week. Last 2 weeks have been pruty flat in the end but it show you how one well positioned options play like NFLX can be so very profitable.

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