Gold vs Diamond premium membership screenshots


good Question Dave,

Both Gold & Diamond memberships are in real time Dave.

We’re working on a video about the memberships & site layouts but here are some screenshots in the meantime..showing the chatroom as well as the private feed (

The buys/sells are in real time so I don’t post them manually to the chat & then the private feed.. the system is set up so its within seconds. I also post charts on new positions or updated positions. Most times they are posted so that traders know my strategy and Risk/reward for that that position with suggested stops. I added the other charts so that you can see the risk/reward analysis i put in to charts when its a new position. For AAPL the risk/reward was on the chart from Nov 14th – so that’s why not on the Nov 15th chart attached but its the updated one when i added.

if you can’t see the full chart just double click it & will open in another page with a full screen shot


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Below are some of the more recent charts on SCO & oil intraday chart & MGM AAPL

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