For Canadian Traders – Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) Stock Scan of Weekly Percentage % gainers/losers

For Canadian Traders:::  a TSX Scan of Top Weekly Percentage Gainers & Losers 

I use to trade TSX Stocks on days when US Markets were closed.

Here’s an example of a scan I’ve done in the past:

  1. I’d first scan the top Weekly % gainers & losers on TSX :
  2. Then I’d look further into the key support /resistance levels
  3. Isolate the ones with bigger volumes if under 100k per day avg volume I’d take them off list
  4. Then if something that really looked interesting I’d check message boards & do some due diligence and  fundamental analysis
  5. finally set alerts &  look to trade them off key levels $1 $2 $5 $10 areas ( had great success trading based on the above)
  6. I’d suggest to stay away from the really light volume stocks & if on the % loser lists to keep very tight stops if you are playing them for bounces.
  7. some good sites to check more detailed info/rumors etc. on TSX stocks is  or in the Canadian section also use the hashtag #TSX or $ sign and check on twitter :!/search/tsx 
Below you’ll see a scan from today that I did on TSX weekly % gainers & losers
I highlighted the ones in Red that I think are looking toppy here  and highlighted ones in green that are nearing key support levels or seem to have based for a day to a few days.
I didn’t look at volumes or fundamentals yet but hope you find the list helpful.
Toronto Stock Exchange Stock Scan – Best & Worst Stocks for the Past week on the TSX
Enjoy ,
****Some trading packages for TSX stocks use the .to symbol .. Example below
PLI   ( is PLI-tc on my package but will be on others ) if your not sure ask your broker or try
both symbols. If you can’t get either one then you probably don’t have TSX data access.
You can get TSX quotes/charts/Financial data  (no need to put .tc or .to )here: 
or Yahoo Finance & use .to after each ticker Ex. 
Double click this chart if you want to see it on a separate page.
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